Earl W. Crutchfield

Earl W. Crutchfield

Earl W. Crutchfield is the oldest sibling in a family of 6, with 1 sister and 2 younger brothers. Earl Crutchfield learned how to sing from his father who sang but not professionally. Earl W. Crutchfield’s family is very musically talented and have performed in talent shows when they were all very young.

Earl Crutchfield was in his High School choir as president and sang many solos during the music concerts. Earl sang the National Anthem at many High School sporting events. Earl graduated Joseph A. Foran High School in 1998 where he also sang the anthem for the commencement.

Earl W. Crutchfield’s first job was at a movie theater when he was 16, where he primarily popped popcorn. Earl was instructed to pop the popcorn days in advance to keep up with demand, rather than popping it fresh daily. After two years, Earl Crutchfield left that position and became a supervisor at another movie theater.

Earl went to a couple of colleges right out of High School. He attended Western Connecticut State University for half of a semester, then transferred to Southern Connecticut State University for the spring semester. While in college, Earl Crutchfield continued to work at the movie theater. Earl then took a college program internship to work for Disney in Orlando, Florida. After starting this position in 2000, Earl continued his career there for an additional 14 years.

In January of 2014, Earl W. Crutchfield decided to finally finish his college degree. Earl chose to complete his degree taking online courses, so he enrolled at Pennsylvania State University’s World Campus. Earl Crutchfield took part-time classes and after all of his classes transferred it took him several additional years to complete the requirement to obtain his degree. In May of 2019, after 21 years of hard work, Earl W. Crutchfield finally was able to graduate with his degree. Graduation day was one of the best, long-awaited, days of his life. Earl Crutchfield is the first adult in his family to graduate with a college degree.

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